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The Ministry of Tourism recognizes MIN TRAVEL under License No. 593 - category (A) - since 1986 as a pioneer member of the Tourist Chamber and the Egyptian Association of Tour Operators in Egypt.


Egypt Sightseeing Tours

Cairo by Night

Nile River Dinner & Show Cruise

Pharaonic Village

Camel or Horse Riding

Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza

Luxor Sound & Light Show

Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show

Hurghada 1001 Nights at Sinbad

Hurghada Sinbad Submarine

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Cairo day Tours


Tour Sakkara Memphis

Cairo Classic Tour

Cairo City Tour

Islamic & Coptic Cairo

Cairo Special

Cairo City Break

Arabian Horse Tour

Belly Dancing Course

6th of Oct & Media City

Egypt classical City Tours

Tour Alexandria

Tour Aswan

Tour Abu Simbel

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Tour Esna & Edfu

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It is with pleasure, we welcome you to MIN TRAVEL in Egypt - MIN TRAVEL  are your official Tour Operator & ideal Travel Agency Partner in Egypt since 1986 ..



Egypt, the cradle of civilization has a vibrant legacy that spans over 5000 years - boasts the largest collection of Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Islamic monuments, Red Sea Diving Holidays, Red Sea Liveaboard Safari trips, Egypt land tours, Egypt transportation and Ancient relics any where in the world.

The climate is mild all year round - a natural environment enriched by the Nile river, the Mediterranean and Red Sea beaches, vast miles of desert and secluded oasis. Most notable are the friendly and hospitable people.

We invite you to browse through our site to explore the extensive travel services and tour packages we offer travelers who visit Egypt.

Min Travel established in Cairo, the capital and heart of Egypt since 1986, we specialize in internal tours that extend from renowned sites to the most secluded regions of Egypt to the beautiful water in the Red Sea.

The Ministry of Tourism recognizes Min Travel under License No. 593 - category (A) as a pioneer member of the Tourist Chamber and the Egyptian Association of official Tour Operators in Egypt.

Min Travel specialize in personalized All Egyptian ancient; Ancient - Egypt guided sightseeing land tours throughout Egypt; include hotel accommodations,  VIP. transportation in Egypt, Egypt land tours, Cairo City Tours, Luxury Nile Cruises, Red Sea Scuba Diving holidays (land base) and snorkeling, Red Sea Liveaboard Safari trips, licensed tour guides, domestic flights, Sinai and Camel Trekking, Western dessert oasis Safari, Egypt Quick Trips as well as other travel services - all of which are of the  highest standards and VIP travel services.

Min Travel have the honor to offer our programs to you or fully personalize your ancient holiday needs; hotel accommodations,  all transportation in Egypt, Egypt land tours, Luxury Nile Cruises, Red Sea Diving holidays (land base) and snorkeling, Red Sea Liveaboard Safari trips, Licensed tour guides, domestic flights, Sinai and Camel Trekking, Western dessert oasis Safari, Egypt Quick Trips -  hoping to acquire your satisfaction. 

Our aim is to make it possible for everyone who wishes to visit Egypt to come and make a holiday where you can get acquainted with the various establishments whether ancient or modern.

Our experienced friendly staff is available to assist and guide you through every phase of your holiday starting with planning your trip, remaining your partner during your visit - up to the day your depart.

Whatever you decide to do in Ancient Land Tours or the Red Sea Diving Holidays -  we hope you include Min Travel and have a wonderful holiday!

If you thought that a trip to Egypt meant only a visit to the Pyramids, then think again, as going to Egypt and missing out on the Nile River Cruises is indeed regrettable! This beautiful African nation has a lot to offer and if you are looking to enjoy a true blend of luxury and adventure then do avail the Nile River Cruises.

The Nile River Cruises give the tourists a peek into the Egyptian village life. The countryside, still very ancient in the way that people live in clay huts, plough fields manually and use animal pulled carts as vehicles, can be viewed first hand by the passengers while sunbathing on the deck of a cozy ship.

Depending on your choice, you can avail of Nile River Cruises of short or long duration. The shorter trips to Egypt, lasting for a three or four days usually Nile River Cruises Ships between Luxor and Aswan. The longer Luxury Nile River Cruises, lasting maybe a couple of week or even more journey further north to Dendera. So if you chose a long Nile River Cruises, the attractions would include:

  • Trips to Cairo, home to the pyramids

  • Museums and other historical places

  • A brief voyage to Abu Simbel, the most southern part of Egypt

A Nile River Cruise holiday on the river Nile can be a memorable experience. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, surrounded by the luxuries of comfort, avail the big ships that substitute as Luxury Nile River Cruises floating hotels. Spacious rooms, modern amenities and lip smacking gourmet…it will indeed be a trip to remember. However if the adventurous spirit in you calls out, you can try traveling on the feluccas. These narrow boats will not be as luxurious as the big ships, but sleeping on the deck and having sailors double as cooks has its own charm, and if this kind of a holiday calls out to you, you will have a great time!

The Nile River Cruises are available all year round, but in mid April, locks on the Nile are shut because of water levels. The best time to go on a cruise on the Nile is October to March when all the locks are open and the weather is nice and cool.

So plan a luxury Nile River Cruises holiday on the River Nile and get set to experience the land of the pyramids closely.


MIN TRAVEL are registered member with Ministry of Tourism and Egypt Tourist Authority since 1986 - additional assurance of high standards of travel services.


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