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Abu Simbel Temples Sound & Light Show


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Rates Starting from € 20

Abu Simbel Temples Sound and Light Show & Highlights:

  • Sound & Light show in Abu Simbel at the Ramses Temple

Abu Simbel Temples Sound and Light Show & Included:

  • Round trip transfers in A/C motor coach
  • Show entrance fees & local taxes

Abu Simbel Temples Sound and Light Show & Excluded:

  • All other items not mentioned
  • Gratuity (tips) for guides, tour leaders & drivers


Abu Simbel Temples Sound and Light Show & Optional Tours & Services:

  • Optional tour extensions available upon request
  • Solar Boat - near the Pyramids $10 per person
  • Mummies Room - Egyptian museum $15 per person
  • Sleeper train upgrade: $35 per person in double cabin & $55 per person in single cabin *each way/per night based on HB basis (= dinner & breakfast)

Egypt Sightseeing Tours

Pharaonic Village
Pharaonic Village
Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show
Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show
Pharaonic Village
Pharaonic Village
Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show
Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show


Tour Itinerary:

Have you ever wondered what life must have been like thousands of years ago? These thoughts of curiosity has inspired artists to take you there, for a brief period, through the creation of sound & light shows. You can get a glimpse back in time to see, feel, and imagine how it was when the powerful ancient Egyptians ruled. The artists have masterfully created a spectacle show that draws you in as part of history.

One of our drivers will pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to the Ramses Temple. You will enjoy a 2-hour sound & light show performance at the Temple. At the end of the trip our driver will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.


Program rates are listed below - Click here for currency converter

14 -20+ Persons
08 - 13 Persons
04 - 07 Persons
02.-03   Persons
01 Person
€ 30.-

Abu Simbel Temples Sound and Light Show & Additional Remarks:
1. Rates are per Person.
2. All A/M rates are in Euro.
3. This Offer valid from 01.05.2008 till 30.09.2009

Urgent Comment


Aside from the pyramids of Giza, the magnificent temple at Abu Simbel is perhaps the most recognized symbol of ancient Egypt for modern visitors.

How did the ancient Egyptians manage to carve these humongous statues and temples out of the deep rock of the mountainside? Why did one pharaoh build numerous monuments to himself, and why did he build many of them so far away from his capitol?

The Sound & Light Show at Abu Simbel Temples:

The Sound and Light show at Abu Simbel will transport you to the time of the pharaohs. Enchanting you with melodious music, and bringing the ancient world to life around you, the show includes projections onto the temples showing how they once looked.

The program is presented in a number of languages with the provision of ear pieces. It is an experience not to be missed, one that will make your visit to Abu Simbel the memory of a lifetime.

The Monument:

Abu Simbel is located 280 km from Aswan on the West bank of the Nile in what was once called Nubia. The site was commissioned by Ramses the Second, also known as Ramses the Great, during the 5th year of his long reign, and it was not completed until his 35th year as pharaoh. It is the largest and most beautiful of the many monuments Ramses the Great erected throughout Egypt to proclaim his power. The massive façade, cut into the mountainside, features four statues of Ramses himself, each 20 meters high. Smaller statues of the royal family stand between the four largest statues. These include Ramses' mother, his wife Nefertari, and their sons and daughters.

Also outside near the statues is a 'Marriage Stela,' commemorating the marriage between Ramses' daughter and the King of the Hittites. An inscription over the entrance of the facade reads, 'Ramesses II, he has made a temple, excavated in the mountain, of eternal workmanship, for the chief queen Nefertari, beloved of Mu, in Nubia, forever and ever, Nefertari for whose sake the very sun does shine.

Within the temple there are eight large statues depicting Ramses as the god Osiris, supporting the hefty ceiling. After passing through halls containing rooms for various rituals, visitors arrive at the most famous part of Abu Simbel's inner temple: A sanctuary room with a small altar and four statues of Ramses as different gods. The temple was designed so precisely that two days each year, in October and February, the morning sun beams its glorious rays directly into the temple and into the small sanctuary room, illuminating the four statues. To the south of the main temple is a smaller temple dedicated to Ramses' wife Nefertari and the goddess Hathor.

With the announcement of the plan to build the High Dam at Aswan, Abu Simbel was threatened to become an underwater sanctuary. Images of the gigantic statues appeared on the front pages of newspapers around the globe. Nobody wanted to see the statues sink beneath the rising Nile waters. The salvage of Abu Simbel began in 1963 in a project between Egypt and UNESCO. At a cost of nearly $36 million, the statues and temples were moved to a higher plateau where they could welcome the rising sun each morning

The Legend:

Like other sites in Egypt, Abu Simbel survived in great condition until modern times. When Greeks visited the site in the 6th century BC, mounds of sand had grown so high that the knees of Ramses' statues were covered.

When Victorian traveler Amelia Edward visited Abu Simbel in 1873, the site was so captivating that it left her breathless: 'It was wonderful to wake every morning close under the steep bank, and, without lifting one's head from the pillow, to see that row of giant faces so close against the sky,' she said. 'They showed unearthly enough by moonlight; but no half so unearthly as in the grey of dawn. At that hour, the most solemn of the twenty-four, they wore a fixed and fatal look that was little less than appalling. As the sky warmed, this awful look was succeeded by a flush that mounted and deepened like the rising flush of life. For a moment they seemed to glow – to smile – to be transfigured. Then came a flash, as of thought itself. It was the first instantaneous flash of the risen sun. It lasted less than a second. It was gone almost before one could say that it was there. The next moment, mountain, river, and sky, were distinct in the steady light of day; and the colossi - mere colossi now - sat serene and stony in the open sunshine. Every morning I waked in time to witness that daily miracle.'

Additional Information

M i n   T r a v e l

Your Official Tour Operator in Egypt & your ideal Travel Partner in Egypt

About MIN TRAVEL: MIN TRAVEL has specialized in internal tours around the ancient land of EGYPT since 1986.During these years in the tourism industry; we have built an excellent name and reputation in Egypt and beyond.

Why Choose MIN TRAVEL? By choosing to travel with MIN TRAVEL, you get a lot more than just a tour – because to us, you are a lot more than just a tourist.

Private Airport Transportation “Meet & Greet”! One of our representatives will meet you upon your arrival – any time of the day or night. We will meet you before you get to passport control to help ensure a smooth path through immigration and customs. Then, we will provide you with the transfer to your hotel.

Departure Transfer! Whether you leave immediately following the end of your tour – or even days or weeks later – we will provide you with the transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

A Taste of Culture! When you tour with MIN TRAVEL, you won’t just visit and explore all of Egypt’s sites and attractions. We make sure that you mix and interact with the real culture…the mingling of an ancient world and a modern land.

Mix It Up! We guarantee full flexibility with all of our programs – even once they start! We will do whatever we can to assure that your program meets your interests, your budget, and your time.

Less Hassle … More Relaxation! Our friendly and attentive staff will always be in contact with you – providing you all the means of comfort and information so that you can experience a more relaxing time during your stay in Egypt.

All of Our Guests are VIPs! We provide VIP treatment for all of our guests – because we want to.

Transportation Extravaganza! We offer colorful and dynamic tours – full of fun – and use a mix of local and private transportation including trains, buses, cars, jeeps, camels, horses, feluccas, and cruise ships – to vary your journey each day.

The Highest Standards! We adhere to the highest standards of professional services and support – from our offices in Cairo and London, to our fluent, English-speaking Egyptologist guides and leaders.

Ease of Accommodations! Quality hotels await your stay – and we can easily upgrade your hotel category (e.g., 2-star to 5-star Deluxe) upon request as well as arrange additional nights, if you choose to extend your stay.

Fun and Unique Add-Ones! We offer a variety of optional activities that are always available for our guests to assure them the most pleasant stay with us. Take a day trip to El Fayoum Oasis or Alexandria – or spend a relaxing and entertaining evening on a dinner Nile river cruise with Belly dance Show or at the Sound & Light show. Plus a lot more!

With MIN TRAVEL you might sign up for a just a tour … but you’ll get a lot more …

Tours are run and operated by MIN TRAVEL.

Abu Simbel Temples Sound & Light Show & Reservation: Please e-mail us once you book your tour to inform us with all your hotel information including the hotel's name, full address and telephone number, to allow us arrange your pick-up on the day of the tour.

In order to give you our best Offer we can for Summer & Winter 2009: Kindly send us E-mail with the following information & specify Full Name, Nationality, The Expected Arrive & Departure Date (Month), Number of Person & Accommodation Required (Double/Single/Triple) Hotel Category 5 Stars (Deluxe) or 4 Stars (First Class) or 3 Stars (Tourist) & if required Domestic Flights.

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